Internet roulette is the little brother of roulette in casinos and is the classic among casino games. On my casino blog you will find this short introduction to the Internet of Roulette, an overview of the most important rules of the game and roulette tips as well as a recommendation for a good roulette casino .

Internet roulette is a nice game as long as you are in control of the game. Roulette, like all other casino games, belongs to the genre of gambling and can be addicting. Most people manage to just play for pleasure. If you are one of them, then I advise you to play a game of internet roulette, it is an exciting game.

The origins of modern roulette are in France, as the name suggests, roulette means small wheel in French.

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician who lived in the 17th century, is considered to be the inventor of modern roulette. Roulette spread quickly in France and became very popular in 18th century France. So popular that the French authorities were forced to ban roulette.

But the empty coffers of the small state of Monte Carlo ultimately led to roulette reappearing in France. Charles III, Prince of Monaco brought roulette back to France by granting Francois Louis and his son Camille a 50-year license. Francois Louis built the first major casino in Monte Carlo and the fame of the game and the city continues to this day.

Internet Roulette was implemented for the first time by Casino on net with a software specially developed for it. Casino on net, better known as, is one of the largest providers of internet roulette and internet poker today. However, the size of the company has created a certain sluggishness, support and payouts are relatively slow. Nevertheless, is one of the online casinos with an excellent reputation.

In the meantime, Playtech has developed a very reliable software for Internet Roulette, which is used by many casinos. Microgaming has also developed good software, but it is not as widespread as the software from Playtech.

If you should decide to play roulette in an internet casino, I recommend my casino test of the Casino Bellini to you. Furthermore, you should always read up on the casino bonus rules before you decide to play for money. If you just want to play internet roulette for fun, you can start playing right away. The casinos have a free version for Internet Roulette, with which you do not enter into any obligations.